Web Design

1. Registration of Domain Name
Let’s name it.
Perhaps we can find your companies or projects name available for use as a domain, if not let me help
you to customize one that will suit your needs.

2. Conceptualization
Think tank time.
Let’s discuss what it is that you would like to see and or allow me give you some ideas.This could
involve research on other website available in your particular field or some unique innovation.

3. Design
Let’s be creative.
Considering the aesthetic and the functional using images, text, animation and sound the concept is

4. Development
The nuts and bolts.
Time for the logical side, here I get to put it all together using required software. Then to publish to a
web-hosting provider.

5. Networking
Get it out there!
Then to publish to a web-hosting provider that will be able to establish your website with availability to
search engines.

6. Maintenance
Keeping it up to date.
Maintaining a successful website requires updating your sites content such as price changes, new
product and services announcements as well as general website information. Timely web site
maintenance keeps visitors informed and ensures that potential customers are getting the maximum
benefit of your products and services.
Some Websites I have completed