On this page we have provided some links to
some usefull downloadable forms.
TD1 Federal Form
Lisa McLean
2018 Federal Tax Credit Return
TD1 BC Form
Business Consent Form
Why complete this form?
If you want  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to
deal with an individual (such as an bookkeeper,
a lawyer, or an employee) or with a firm as your
representative for business account related
information, they need your consent.
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Laura Faber
2018 BC Personal Tax Credit Return
" I have been serving small
businesses in the lower
mainland for 20 years. The
best part of my work is the
realization that I have
played a part in the
success of my clients
" I have always enjoyed
helping people with
finances and chose to
study  accounting in
university. I look forward to
helping your business
thrive "
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