McLean & Company is a family run business. Started
home debut. Having a strong knowledge base in the
'write it down in a ledger accounting'  the accounting
software was a welcome tool. Obtained the
bookkeeping for small business certification in 1996.
We have and still are working with many varied types
of business such as construction, retail, restaurant,
helicopter repairs, boiler manufacturing, sales,
paintball  and body shops.

We provide our clients with complete support,
including bank reconciliations, payroll tax, sales tax,
and a trial balance. We'll work closely with you to
manage every aspect of your bookkeeping needs.
  Our professionalism and expertise will
help save you time — and money.

  We'll work with you to develop the best
bookkeeping strategy for your company, no
matter how large or small

   We're here to answer your questions
About Us
Lisa McLean
Laura Faber
" I have been serving small
businesses in the lower
mainland for 20 years. The
best part of my work is the
realization that I have
played a part in the
success of my clients
" I have always enjoyed
helping people with
finances and chose to
study  accounting in
university. I look forward to
helping your business
thrive "
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